Manage your Mastercard

  • Choose or modify PIN yourself using your application
  • Activate, block or replace your Mastercard card 24/7 
  • Enjoy safe shopping over the Internet and pay your goods and services at POS terminals in the country and abroad
  • Your transactions are completely safe, thanks to the most advanced protection technology: 3D Secure, Chip-and-PIN
  • Use the advantages of contactless payments in the country and abroad
  • Make use of numerous options for your spending control and track transactions’ status in real-time 
Advice: Deposit euros to your current account before making payment abroad with your card, because that's the most favorable option for you.


Manage your Dina card

  • Modify PIN yourself using your application
  • In your Internet or mobile application, you can review all payment card details
  • Set your payment card’s limits by number and amount of transactions at daily or monthly level per channel of consumption
  • Activate / deactivate channels of spending: ATM, POS and the Internet.
  • Block your Dina card 24/7 using internet banking or mobile application
  • Unblock or replace the card in case of theft or loss by calling the Customer Service at 063/9005.
Advice: You can make payments with Dina card only in Republic of Serbia.