Executive Committee

President of the Executive Committee, Milka Rajčević

Milka Rajčević was appointed President of the Executive Board in December 2022. She is responsible for finance, risk, operations, regulatory affairs, information technology and human resources. In the role of Executive Director of Finance, Milka is among the employees with the longest tenure in the Bank and has been an integral part of the management team since the formation of the Bank, which is focused on digital banking services. Her work is closely related to the development of Mobi Bank, from a significant role in the takeover of KBC Bank by Telenor Group, with further significant business improvements after the acquisition of Mobi Bank's shares by Telenor Group, all the way to cooperation with PPF Group on the restructuring of today's Mobi Bank.

Milka has extensive and varied experience in management in the field of finance and controlling, as well as in cooperation with the National Bank.

She started her professional career in 2008 at Raiffeisen Bank, and became part of Mobi Bank in 2013. after moving from Telenor.

She graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, majoring in finance, banking and insurance.

She is married and a passionate athlete.

Member of the Executive Board, Milan Urbašek


Board of Directors

President of the Board of Directors, Vanja Stanković

Member of the Board of Directors, Marek Slacik

Member of the Board of Directors, Marian Mike Michel

Independent Member of the Board of Directors, Boško Živković

Independent Member of the Board of Directors, Đorđe Đukić

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