Why should I become Progresiv+ user?  


Better interest rate

As a Progresiv+ user you have better interest rates on your Credit card loan and overdraft!

Use all ATMs without commissions

Why avoiding other ATMs because of high commissions? With Progresiv + benefits, you have unlimited and free cash withdraw on all ATMs in the country!

Free international travel insurance

Don't burden yourself with insurance before going on a road trip! As a Progresiv + user with an active credit card you have free Uniqa insurance for your family and yourself, 30 days a year, anywhere in the world.


Favorable exchange rate

There is no need to go hunting throughout the city for an exchange office, when you have a really favorable exchange rate in your pocket! With Progresiv+ benefits, exchange money by the exchange office rate. 

Commission free domestic transactions

Why pay the commissions? All Progresiv+ users can execute all domestics transactions completely free, without any commissions.


How can I become a Progresiv+ user?

To start using Progresiv+ all you need is to transfer your earnings to Mobi Banka and to use our Progresiv package. If you stop using Progresiv package and/or the two monthly earnings* during the past three months (in the amount of at least 20,000 RSD par earning) are missing from your Mobi Banka's account, the benefits for the cash loan and unlimited cash withdrawal free of charge at ATMs of other domestic banks will become unavailable.

*Monthly earnings implies receiving earnings via Mobi Banka account during one calendar month

Details about international travel insurance

The policy usage

What does the package of Uniqa travel insurance allow you?