With credit card get your spending overview without going to the bank!

When you own a credit card, money is always at your disposal – and you start repaying the amount borrowed up to 45 days later. Using the web and mobile apps you can check your balance, set a limit, as well as enable or disable payment channel options – ATMs, point of sale and the Internet. The app also allows you to access your credit card settings – activation, PIN selection or change, temporary or permanent credit card blocking or replacement.

How do I apply for a credit card?

Step 1. Complete the loan application on the Bank's Internet application or at the Bank's point of sale.

Step 2. Attach the required documentation on the Bank's Internet application.

If the enclosed documents are not originally issued in electronic form, you will need to submit the originals at the Bank's point of sale.

Step 3. Based on the entered data, the attached documentation and data from the report of the Credit Bureau, the Bank will make a decision on approval of the credit card, which will be notified to you via SMS and email.

Step 4. After approval of the loan application, accept the offered credit card terms on the Bank's mobile or internet application.

Step 5. The loan agreement is concluded online without coming to the Bank's outlet. More information on signing a distance contract here

Step 6. After the conclusion of the contract, the credit cad will be avaliable, which will be notified to you via SMS and email


Split to installments

Each credit card transaction (at POS, ATM or web), in the minimal amount of 2.000 RSD can be divided into installments, if it's executed in the current month. Whether the credit card transaction is executed or pending, it can be divided into installments. This service is available via application, in the option Credit card transaction details.

After choosing transaction, you can enter the number of the installments on which you want to divide the chosen transaction. 


The number of the rates depends on the amount of transaction and is chosen in application - not on POS terminals on which the transaction is done. 





Charge from credit card


Do you want your Mobi Banka credit card?


Tips and tricks for credit card usage

  • Balance on the credit card, you can see on the home screen of application, by moving graphics on the side, where the balance of the current account is shown, and all the details - the total debt, the amount and date of the next instalment can be found in the section My accounts, the option Loans, by clicking on Credit card box.
  • There are also all transactions you have made with your credit account. Withdrawal of monthly instalment is done automatically from your current account, and you can pay it by yourself by using the internal transfer in the review of your accounts.

Required documents


Full-time employees

  • Monthly bank statements from the account to which you receive earnings for the last 3 months in PDF format. Typically, you receive the statements via email or can be downloaded through the Internet or mobile banking, or

  • Employment and Employment Receipt issued in electronic form and signed with a digital certificate by the employer.

If the employer does not issue a certificate certified by a digital certificate, you can attach a certificate stamped and signed.

An example of correctly completed Certificate verified with the stamp and signature is presented below.

  • PPDG5/PPDG2R – income tax return document for incomes above a certain amount
  • Confirmation of remaining principal balance – for refinance only **
Employment type and income verification document Sample employment type and income verification document


  • Monthly bank statements from the account to which you receive your pension for the last 3 months in PDF format. You usually receive the statements via email, or you can download them via the Internet or mobile banking, or

Pension checks for the last three months, or

Pension Certificate issued by the PIO Fund RS.

  • A copy of the decision issued by the competent pension fund – the document needs to be translated by a certified court interpreter (for foreign currency pensioners). The translation will not be required for foreign currency pensioners who receive their pension cheques from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro

  • Confirmation of remaining principal balance – for refinance only **

Who is eligible to apply?

Application procedure


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