What do you need to receive money from abroad?

1. You need to have a current account in Mobi Banka – the sender doesn’t have to.

2. The sender should receive Instructions for foreign currency payments.

3. It is needed to submit additional documentation through application in these cases:

  • when from available data it’s not possible to establish the reason for paying
  • when the documentation is necessary because of regulations

Payment instructions:

When they opened  their current account, all clients of the Mobi Banka received Foreign currency payment instructions together with the rest of their documents. In those instructions, all abroad corespondents of Mobi Banka are listed for different currencies, and the IBAN of the user who receives the money. 

If  instructions are not available to you, you can download the universal instructions here. Information that should be added to this is IBAN (International Bank Number) which you can make by putting RS 35 before your banking account, name, surname and address.




You need to send instruction to the person who is sending the money  with all the information of the receiver (first name, surname, address, bank account number in IBAN format - RS35115________________  ). Also, in the field “payment datails“ it would be better to write the purpose of sending the money (to help a family member, personal transfer...) because that will make elucidation of the payment easier in cases when additional documentation is not necessary.

Examples of the sender/receiver  payments from abroad are listed in the chart that is following and depending on that, documentation that is necessary to enclose to make the transaction.



Natural person

The same natural person

(sender = receiver)

Legal person, non resident


Natural person


≤ 10.000 € document is not needed*

> 10.000 € proof of being a relative needed

  • Passport
  • Working visa
  • Students visa

≤ 10.000 € statement is required

> 10.000 € contract or invoice required

Natural person

non resident

Document is not needed Document is not needed Document is not needed

Annotation: Depending on the situation, there is a possibility that we are going to need  additional documentation from the receiver for justification of the payment.


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