Each credit card transaction (at POS, ATM or web), in the minimal amount of 2.000 RSD can be divided into installments, if it's executed in the current month.

Whether the credit card transaction is executed or pending, it can be divided into installments. This service is available via application, in the option Credit card transaction details.


Notification about the introduction of a payment account with basic services and payment account name change

In accordance with the Decision of the National Bank of Serbia on the payment account with basic services, which applies from August 19, 2022, Mobi Banka offers customers the possibility of opening and maintaining a payment account with basic services, from the mentioned date.

Users of all payment accounts, i.e. payment account packages, have the right to request opening of the account with basic services, from August 19, 2022.



At Mobi Banka we aim to offer very attractive currency exchange rates to our customers through our mobile or web app. 

Mobi Banka provides real-time exchange rate updates for euro, the most frequently used foreign currency in Serbia, to stay up-to-date with foreign exchange market movements.


Exchange rates on this day


Buy Middle Sell
EUR 115,1500 117,1154 119,1500
USD 104,5480 108,3399 112,1318
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