How to activate and use Mobi Banka’s internet and mobile application


All Mobi Bank’s customers have been granted free of charge access to the Bank’s internet and mobile application from the moment they enter into current account agreement. 


Internet Application

The Internet application is available at:

A username and password are required to access the internet application. A temporary username and password are provided to the customer when opening an account and they must be changed upon the first log-in to the application.   

In the event that the Customer has forgotten his or her username and password for accessing the internet application, he or she can easily retrieve them from the application homepage by selecting the “Did you forget your username/password” option. The customer needs to enter his or her JMBG ID number to get the username. The customer creates the new password by him- or herself after having entered his/her current account number.
For security and safety reasons, the username and password must not be disclosed to others and are known only to the customer.


Mobile Application

The Mobi Bank mobile app is supported on mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems and can be downloaded on Google PlayApple Store or the Huawei AppGallery. 

To access the mobile application, the username and password (used for the internet application) need to be entered first, after which the customer receives an SMS with a one-time password which he/she enters in the required field and in the next step creates a PIN code (4 digits) that he/she will use to access the application.

For security and safety reasons, the PIN code must not be disclosed to others and is known only to the customer.

If you need support to access and use the applications, you may reach out to our Contact Centre in one of the following ways:

  • By calling special phone numbers: 063 8691051, 063 8686733, 063 670687, 063 256704
  • Through online support via the chat channel on the website, “Get Help” option
  • Through the option “Requests” in the web and mobile application inbox
  • Send an e-mail to 
  • Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 
  • The Bank’s Contact Centre is also at your disposal via 063 9005 

Using the Apps - Simple and Easy

Using the Bank’s applications is simple, safe and allows you to manage your finances without visiting the Bank. 

With Mobi Banka applications, you can quickly and easily make payments, check balance and access your transactions, activate a payment card, block it or change spending limits, buy or sell foreign currency (currency exchange) or open a savings account. 


  • Internal transfer: in the main menu under option My Accounts select Internal Transfer. First select the account you wish to transfer the funds from, and then select the receiving account. Enter the desired amount and currency, and if you agree, select the option Pay to make the transaction.
  • Currency Exchange: in the main menu select the option Currency Exchange and then Exchange currency. Choose whether you wish to buy or sell foreign currency, enter the desired amount and select the currency. The next screen shows transaction details (exchange rate, amount in dinars...) and if you agree, select the option Make conversion to make the transaction.

Other highlighted features:

Current Account: 
  • Balance check - at the application homepage
  • Overview of transactions and statements – My Accounts/Transactions or Statement List  Accounts/Transactions or Statement List
  • Change of address or phone number – Self Care/My Profile
  • Contract documents – Self Care/My Documents
  • Currency Exchange – Main Menu
  • Change of account package – Product Catalogue/Current Accounts
Payment/credit card
  • Temporary blockage/unblockage – Cards/Settings/Block a card
  • Change of PIN – Cards/Settings/Change PIN
  • Change of limit and payment channel management– Cards/Limits
Payments – Main Menu: 
  • Pay to Person: pay to mobile, pay to e-mail, pay to account...
  • Pay to company: Bills on click, pay to account
  • Savings account opening – Product Catalogue/Sight deposit or Term deposit 
  • Loan product application – Product Catalogue/Product Catalogue/Loans or Loans for Refinance 
  • Check of status and details of existing loan or savings products – My Accounts/Savings or Loans