Send money abroad to a foreign currency current account, in EUR or other foreign currencies 


You can use the mobile or web app to send funds abroad. Funds can be sent to all countries and in all currencies supported by Mobi Banka's multi-currency account: EUR and USD.


How to make a payment? 


1. You can send money through the Bank's app on the following path: Payments/Pay to Person or Pay to Entity/Foreign Currency Payment. First, choose whether you will be making the payment into a foreign currency account in the home country or abroad.


2. When filling out a foreign currency payment order, you need to enter the recipient's account number in international format (IBAN*) and SWIFT with the recipient's bank. If the SWIFT code is correct, the recipient's bank details (address, name and country of the bank) will be filled in automatically.

*It is also possible to enter an account format that does not belong to the EU international standard for bank account numbering (IBAN).


3. In the “Charges” section, you can choose one of two options:
OUR” - the sender bears all sending costs or
SHA” - the sender shares the sending costs with the recipient. SHA costs imply that all correspondent banks in a row will charge their own costs and thus reduce the amount that the recipient will receive.

This cost depends solely on the sender choosing one of the two options listed above.


4. Depending on the selected payment code, you will be shown which documentation you need to submit to justify the payment. You can attach the document as an image or a PDF file (maximum file size is 8MB).


5. It usually takes 1 to 3 days for the order to be executed, except in cases of non-working days or a larger number of correspondent banks between the sender’s bank and the recipient’s bank. From the moment when the money is sent to the moment when it is received, it mostly depends on the foreign bank to which the money is sent (the recipient's bank). 

After the payment has been made, you can download the confirmation (SWIFT) in the app, as proof of payment, following the path: My accounts/Actions/List of transactions, and selecting the executed transaction.


Commission fee

Examples of necessary documentation

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