FX list


The following exchange rate list applies to transactions in online exchange office, within the application:



Country Currency Units Middle
Switzerland CHF 1 105.5031 110.5903 115.6775
EU EUR 1 116.5000 117.5133 118.5000
Great Britain GBP 1 123.8217 130.3386 136.8555
Norway NOK 1 9.5645 10.0679 10.5713
USA USD 1 102.4485 106.1643 109.8801

*Starter package
At Mobi Banka we aim to offer very attractive currency exchange rates to our customers through our mobile or web app. Mobi Banka provides real-time exchange rate updates for euro, the most frequently used foreign currency in Serbia, to stay up-to-date with foreign exchange market movements.

You can use the web and mobile app to buy or sell currency at attractive market rates

You can find the rates offered to Mobi Banka’s customers in the app in columns buy /sell

Please find below the exchange rate for foreign currency and cash applied to transactions outside online currency exchange in Mobi Banka’s mobile or web app.

Exchange rate for foreign currency and cash