670 thousand clients of Mobi banka made more than 100 million transactions

Belgrade, June 8, 2022 - After issuing more than 100,000 fully online loans, Mobi banka has reached a milestone of 100 million transactions and more than 670 thousand users, said Pavel Maco, President of the Executive Board of Mobi Banka in an interview for Svet bankarstva.

As a digital banking pioneer, Mobi Banka offered completely digital banking services to the citizens of Serbia for the first time. Today, there are 670,000 users of Mobi application, and by the end of the year this number is expected to increase to 750 thousand.

The President of the Executive Board of Mobi banka also referred to the micro crediting trend, pointing out that there is potential for its further development. 

"The average gross salary in Serbia is almost 98 thousand dinars and is constantly increasing. At the same time, loans for general technological devices in most cases do not exceed 200 thousand dinars. Accordingly, the amount of two average gross salaries would accelerate the microcrediting of these devices”, Maco said.
Currently, micro loans are issued by Mobi Banka for the purchase of digital devices, and the bank, together with Yettel, has so far approved as many as 460,000 credit lots.

When it comes to savings trends, Maco says that today there are almost ten times more term savings compared to the period 5 years ago. 

"Our savings in dinars exceeded 90% in previous years, and currently our clients hold 70% of their savings deposits in local currency. Certainly, the stability of the exchange rate was the main motivator for such trends when it comes to dinarization. I don't know what reflects better the strength of the dinar, but also the skill and rightness of the policy of the National Bank of Serbia and our governor Jorgovanka Tabaković", underlined Maco. 

Mobi Banka follows the trend of dinarization in Serbia by offering all its credit products in dinars, despite the fact that their online exchange office offers one of the most favorable exchange rates on the market.

Speaking about the implications of the Ukrainian crisis, as one of the most current topics at the moment, he points out that Mobi banka regularly implements updated lists of the EU, UN, US Treasury Department, which ensures that the system automatically stops attempts to open an account or transactions for any person on these lists. 

Mobi Banka is one of the first banks on the market to support the My Data for the Bank project of the National Bank, the Government, and the Association of Serbian Banks, thus enabling its clients to digitally submit the necessary documentation for loans. 

"I am glad that we are partners in promoting the eGovernment services in general. In a very short period, almost 3,000 people digitally sent us their data for loans, and we issued almost 4,000 credentials for eGovernment registration", Maco says.

The customer service at Mobi Banka answers to more than 400 thousand calls a year, of which 73.85% of users receive an answer within 20 seconds. For the digital transition to be successful, a network of 40 credit advisors has been established in 28 cities, available for all customer questions.