To keep the family together: Mobi Banka donated half a million dinars to SOS Children's Villages Serbia

Mobi Banka has joined many socially responsible companies that support the work of SOS Children's Villages Serbia this year, donating 500.000 dinars to the Belgrade Family Support Center. For almost ten years, this organization has been helping socially disadvantaged families stay together and working to empower children and young people by giving them the opportunity for a happier childhood.

"Thanks to the humanity of companies like Mobi Banka and their generous donations, for years we have been helping not only families at risk of child separation, but also those who, with our help, managed to overcome the most difficult moments and are now preparing for the child's return. We will use this donation to hire professional associates and organize workshops for children and young from vulnerable families," said Vesna Mraković, national director of SOS Children's Villages Serbia, and thanked Mobi Banka for their support.

Pavel Maco, President of the Executive Board of Mobi Banka, pointed out that this company has nurtured the concept of humane banking since its beginning, and that achieving stable profitability in the coming period will be a motive to give back to the community even more.

"Mobi family is growing year by year, not only by increasing the number of employees, but also the number of clients, which we currently have over 700.000. We know how important it is to keep the family together, and we are happy to support the activities of the Family Support Center in Belgrade, which is constantly working to ensure that our youngest fellow citizens grow up with a smile on their faces," said Maco.

Through the "Strengthening the family" program, SOS Children's Villages Serbia provides educational, counseling, psycho-social and material support to families at risk, with the aim of preventing children from being separated from their families. The first Family Support Center was opened in Niš in 2013, and today support for children, young people and families is provided in 9 locations (Niš, Gadžin Han, Obrenovac, Zemun, Kraljevo, Čačak, Trstenik, Vrnjačka Banja and Raška). These centers have so far helped more than 850 families and 1.600 children and young people in Serbia.

Since 2004, the SOS Children's Serbia organization has been working to improve the quality of life of children and youth without parental care, empowering families at risk, economic independence of youth from vulnerable groups, as well as providing assistance in emergency situations to the local population and refugees through various types of support. They firmly believe that every child should grow up in a family as the most natural environment for meeting all his developmental needs. A healthy family environment is best for the proper growth, development and socialization of children, where children grow into independent, responsible adults who are the strength of any community.

In addition to Family Support Centers, this organization also implements other programs to help and support children and young people, the most famous of which are the "Strong Youth" program and "SOS Children's Village Kraljevo".