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    Telenor banka offers cash loans at the lowest interest rate

    Telenor banka has prepared a special offer for the upcoming holiday season – cash loans with the lowest interest rate in the market at 9 percent and repayment periods from 13 to 36 months.

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    Prize game - Pay with cards and win presents

    The amount of purchase is not limited and the winners with the largest number of card online and POS terminal transactions will be announced on January 06, 2017 at the official Internet page of Telenor banka. The ATM transactions and online payments directly from bank accounts are not included in the prize game.

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    Telenor banka cash loans with no additional fees

    Telenor Banka is offering cash loans for citizens, without additional fees such as Credit Bureau fee, credit administration fee, processing fees or fee for promissory note that the client pays. Cash loans have just one interest rate and can be used for refinancing.

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    Money transfer to mobile phone number or e-mail for Telenor banka users

    Telenor banka customers can transfer money from their account to any other account, simply and safely, with the help of only a mobile phone. The bank account number of the recipient is not required. It's enough that you have mobile phone number or e-mail address and you can make the transaction in just a few steps.

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    Payments abroad without a commission with Telenor banka cards

    Customers of Telenor banka can pay goods and services abroad, with credit and debit cards, without a fee. Also, the money can be simply and safely exchanged over the application of Telenor banka, at favourable exchange rate for Euros, same as in exchange offices.

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    150,000 current accounts opened in Telenor banka

    “Telenor Banka is continuing the growth trend, which is yet another proof that with this business model we have provided our customers with a completely new experience of using the banking services. With further synergy of telco and banking solutions, we are continuing to lead the development of online banking in Serbia, bringing further innovations to the market,” says Martin Navratil, President of the Executive Board of Telenor Banka.

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    Free maintenance for new users of the 3in1 credit card of Telenor banka

    All new users of Telenor banka’s 3in1 credit card will get free maintenance until the end of 2016, if they submit a request in the period between March 15 and May 31.

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    Reindeer Lola and Lale at the Belgrade Zoo Thanks to Telenor Banka

    Thanks to Telenor Banka, the Belgrade Zoo got new inhabitants - two reindeers, a year-old male and a year-old female. The reindeer arrived after the game competition on, organized by Telenor Banka on its Facebook page. Visitors to the page voted for the new residents of the zoo to be named Lale and Lola.

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    Acknowledgement of PC Press magazine to Telenor Banka for the best mobile app

    For the 19th time in a row, the PC Press magazine has awarded acknowledgements for the best sites, social network presentation, as well as for the best mobile applications in 2015. Dejan Ristanović, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, presented the winners with the awards at a ceremonial gathering held in the Municipal Assembly of the City of Belgrade.