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    100 thousand completely online loans in Mobi Banka

    Mobi Banka has issued more than 100 thousand fully online cash loans. This figure shows that in addition to the digitalization of transactional banking, a huge leap forward was made in the digitalization of credit products on the Serbian market.

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    Mobi Banka accepts UnionPay payment cards

    Mobi Banka has enabled the acceptance of UnionPay payment cards within its network of 89 ATMs. The acceptance of the Chinese national card in Serbia is the result of cooperation established between the National Bank of Serbia and UnionPay International.

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    Through eGovernment to a loan in Mobi Banka

    Mobi Banka has enabled its customers to fully digitally and automatically collect all the necessary data for applying for cash loans and other products of the Bank on offer, such as a credit card or allowed minus.

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    Since the beginning of the pandemic Mobi Banka created 131 new jobs, 71% of all employees are women

    Since the start of the pandemic, which has posed unprecedented challenges for many companies, Mobi Banka has employed 131 people, keeping pace with more than 100,000 new customers. This growth of employees represents a jump of 63 percent compared to the previous year, with the majority of new hires being women, who now make 71 percent of the total number of employees.

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    "Kilometer of messages" - Mobi Banka's employees humanitarian action

    In the humanitarian action named "Kilometer of messages", the employees of Mobi Banka collected 305 thousand dinars of aid for the Budi Human Foundation, which helps finance the treatment of rare and serious diseases. Mobi Banka employees who participated in a marathon, half marathon, or pleasure walk sent one SMS to the number 3030 for each kilometer traveled.