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    Telenor Banka introduces the first online credit line

    Today, Telenor Banka introduced the first online credit line offer in Serbia. This unique offer is actually a 3-in-1 product. The credit line can be used as a revolving credit card or as a loan for refinancing existing debts with additional available funds for spending or contactless online payments, such as utility or electric bills.

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    100,000 accounts opened with Telenor Banka

    Telenor Banka opened its 100,000th account in Serbia and formed a stable foundation for further development of online banking. On this occasion, Telenor Banka’s Executive Board President Martin Navratil greeted the 100,000th customer, Ms. Aleksandra Taubner, and presented her with Samsung S6.

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    Telenor Banka the first in the region to introduce contactless ATMs

    Telenor Banka has introduced contactless cash withdrawals at its ATMs and made it even easier for its customers to withdraw money without inserting their cards in the machine, thus speeding up the procedure and reducing overall transaction time. Contactless banking is enabled at 37 Telenor Banka ATMs throughout Serbia.

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    Receive Money from Abroad without Fees at Telenor Banka

    In addition to standard services, all Telenor Banka customers have another unique service at their disposal – receiving money from abroad free of charge (Foreign Currency Inflows). This service is available to anyone receiving payments from any part of the world or Serbia in one of the following five currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF and NOK.

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    50,000 Accounts Opened with Telenor Banka

    Telenor Banka marks the opening of the 50,000th current account since it operates in the Serbian market. In its first six months, the bank succeeded in forming a stable foundation for further development of mobile banking thanks to the synergy between telecommunications and financial services, having an average monthly growth in the number of opened accounts at the rate of 53 per cent.

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    A customer-oriented mobile online bank

    Telenor banka, together with Asseco SEE, showcased its heretofore work and announced future innovations at the prestigious international conference Finovate Europe. The presented innovation will enable Telenor banka’s customers to get customized offers by two industries in one place – telecommunications and banking.

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    Local Innovations spark interest beyond national borders

    Telenor banka and Asseco SEE attend leading global conference on advanced and innovative banking and finance technologies.