Deposit your dinars for 12 months with interest of 1.9% annually. You can withdraw the sum before the agreed deadline with additional early withdrawal interest of 0,5% annualy.


Example of RSD savings

Period to which the time deposit was made
12 months
Nominal interest rate, fixed annually 1,90%
Effective interest rate, fixed annually 1,90%
RSD 100.000 1.899,00 RSD
The amount in RSD which user gets when the depositing is over 101.899,00 RSD 
Note: The example was made on the assumption that the money was deposited to a term savings account on 23 October 2020.
The amount of funds from the table that you will receive at the end of your deposit period is stated on the assumption that the funds deposited are not withdrawn by the term specified in the agreement.

If you completely cancel your time deposit before the term or close your term deposit account, your interest will be 0.50%. The aforementioned interest will be calculated as of the moment when the term begins until the moment when the agreement is terminated. No tax is charged on income made from interest on RSD savings.


So how do I start saving?

It’s very simple! There are no additional costs for opening and maintaining a savings account, and you can go through the complete process of opening your savings account online. 

If you want to save in dinars, but you do not have an account with Mobi Banka – the opening process is simple, free, and fast, and you can do it wherever you are. If you already use our services, you can open your RSD term deposit account straight away through your mobile or internet application. The only thing that will be left for you to do is to wait for your interest and afford everything you have been planning to buy for a long time.


Savings offer

Amount 60.000 -20.000.000 RSD*
Currency RSD
Term 12 months
Annual interest rate
12 months - 1,90 % 
Annual interest in the event of complete premature term cancellation
12 months – 0,50%
Interest type Annual interest rate, fixed
Interest calculation method Conform method
Maturity date 12 months of the date when term deposit account was opened
Beginning of use Date when term deposit account was opened
Collaterals Mobi Banka guarantees for the invested assets on the RSD term deposit account with its total assets in accordance with the agreement.
Number of products per client You can have an unlimited number of term deposit accounts
* The total amount of deposits per client can be RSD 20,000,000.