What is overdraft?

The most simple and fastest solution for overcoming current or periodical money deficiency! With this option you have the possibility to access the money you don’t have on your current account, within approved allowed limit approved by the Bank. 

You can submit the request for the overdraft via internet application or in Yettel shops. 

Interest rate is fixed and is calculated only for the used amount of allowed overdraft and for as many days as you use the money.


Product features


Overdraft amount

5.000 – 500.000 RSD

Repayment period

Up to 12 months

Annual interest rate

Basic / Lite / Starter tariff package: 32% fixed

Progressive tariff package: 26% fixed


Not needed

The cost of the report from the Credit Bureau withdrawal

Free of charge

Overdraft approval

Free of charge


  • The maximum amount of the allowed overdraft can be approved in amount of the salary/pension customer had transferred on Mobi Banka account. Additionally, the overdraft amount will be diminished for the amount of overdraft in another bank. 
  • In the case of unauthorized overdraft (the amount of money you use out of the contract defined overdraft), the bank will calculate the default interest defined in contract, in the annual amount of 41,63%. 

Overdraft’s continuation

  • If you fulfill preconditions to continue your overdraft, Mobi Banka will proactively send you a new overdraft offer through application and you will not have obligation to attach any additional documentation. The new overdraft offer will be sent to you earliest 60 days before expiration date. In this case, it is not necessary to settle your obligations on the basis of the overdraft in use.
  • If your current overdraft expires, re-application will be possible after all due obligations are settled.

Required documents

Full-time employees: 

  • Monthly bank statements from the account to which you receive earnings for the last 3 months in PDF format, showing the last three salaries paid in. Typically, you receive the statements via email or can be downloaded through the Internet or mobile banking, or
  • Employment and Employment Receipt issued in electronic form and signed with a digital certificate by the employer.

If the employer does not issue a certificate certified by a digital certificate, you can attach a certificate stamped and signed.

An example of correctly completed Certificate verified with the stamp and signature is presented below.

  • PPDG5/PPDG2R – income tax return certificate for those with income exceeding a defined limit


  • Monthly bank statements from the account to which you receive your pension for the last 3 months in PDF format, showing the last six pensions paid in. You usually receive the statements via email, or you can download them via the Internet or mobile banking, or
  • Pension checks for the last 3 months, or
  • Pension Certificate issued by the PIO Fund RS.

Who is eligible to apply?


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