It’s great when people do exactly what they love, but when they work together, then they love it even more! Because they make each other the best. Just like we do. Telenor and Mobi Banka are a Perfect Match because they go best together! When you have an account in both Telenor and Mobi Banka, you also have many strong advantages:

You see, the best things shouldn’t be separated.
Activate the benefit through Mobi Banka mobile app

Terms & conditions of use:

The 1GB mobile data and 50% discount on current account benefit (hereinafter referred to as: benefit) is intended for shared customers of Telenor and Mobi Banka who meet the appropriate terms & conditions for activating the benefit. You can use the benefit from the moment of activation for as long as you meet the terms & conditions for it, and latest until the expiry of the contract obligation in Telenor. Activation and use of the benefit by eligible users will be made possible at no additional charge.

The benefit includes:
  • 1GB mobile data in Telenor network, in domestic traffic,
  • 50% discount on account maintenance in Mobi Banka and
  • Even more favorable exchange rate in Mobi Banka's online exchange for buying / selling EUR up to the amount of EUR 3,000 per month.

The benefit can be activated via Mobi Banka app, in the PERFECT MATCH section, while customers can read about the details and check their activation status via Moj Telenor app.

The benefit is automatically reset/extended every calendar month if all necessary conditions are met.

Note: If the customer ceases to meet any of the conditions or withdraws consent to the processing of data for this purpose, the customer will lose the right to use the benefit.



  • To activate the benefit, the customer needs to be a mutual customer of Telenor and Mobi Banka.
  • A mutual customer is a customer with whose JMBG (Citizen Identification Number) is linked to an active contractual obligation in Telenor network, for the appropriate postpaid tariff package for natural entities, and an active bank account in Mobi Banka, for natural entities.
  • The benefit is available for Telenor postpaid customers who are private individuals and users of the following tariff packages: Total 2, Total 4, Total 5, Total 8, Total 10, Total 15, Total 30, Play 5, Play 10, Go data+, Prenesi 400, Prenesi 500, Premium Total, Premium, Premium. and Premium+ .
  • In addition to the appropriate tariff package, it is necessary for the customer to have an active (current) contractual obligation in Telenor network, whether the agreement includes the purchase of a mobile handset or not.
  • The benefit is available for Starter and Progressive accounts with Mobi Banka.
  • If you are a user of the Basic Account Package, you can request current account package change to Starter or Progressive in the application. After that, continue to apply for benefits and if you fulfill all conditions your offer will be activated after the account package is changed, at the beginning of next month.
  • For the full duration of the benefit the Bank will charge an account maintenance fee with specified discount.
  • In addition to the appropriate type of account with Mobi Banka, it is necessary that the customer's account is active (not closed or blocked), and that there is no debt towards Mobi banka for more than 30 days and that the debt does not exceed 1,000 dinars.
  • The PERFECT MATCH section of Moj Telenor app includes: the description of the benefit, activation status, terms & conditions of use and a link that leads the customer to the Mobi Banka app through which all further steps to activation are taken.
  • If the customer starts activating the benefit from the Moj Telenor app, a click on the appropriate button will redirect him/her to Play/App Store from which it can be downloaded, if it is not already installed and connected to the phone or (s)he can open the application if it is already installed on the mobile device. The method of connecting the Mobi Banka app is available at the following link.
  • The condition for activating the benefit is the prior consent of the customer to process and exchange relevant data between Telenor and Mobi Banka, in order to check whether the customer meets all the necessary criteria. Approvals refer to the data and processing described on the following pages: Telenor , Mobi Banka . Consent is given and withdrawn through Mobi Banka app – giving partial consent is not possible.
  • After entering number in Telenor network in the provided form in the Mobi Banka app, for which customer wants to activate the benefit, customer is giving consent for the exchange and method of data processing. After this, customer need to click on button to check whether he/she meets all necessary conditions for activating the benefit.
  • In case of a failed check, the customer will get a pop-up notification suggesting why the check was not successful and what further steps the customer can take.
  • If the check was successful (the customer meets all the criteria), the button for activating the benefit will appear. By clicking the button, the customer will activate the benefit.
  • A customer who has given the required consent and successfully passed the criteria check, but has not activated the benefit, can do so within the next hour. After an hour, the customer will need to repeat all the steps.
  • Activation status information (Active/Inactive benefit) will be available from both applications in the PERFECT MATCH section.
  • After the benefit is activated, information on the mobile data provided will be available from Moj Telenor app, and information on the benefits at Mobi Banka will be available from Mobi Banka app.
  • The benefit will be valid for one calendar month, after which it is reset and extended if the customer meets the appropriate conditions and the benefit is still commercially available. The benefit is valid until the expiration of the contractual obligation.
  • In case of early repayment of the contract, the benefit will be automatically extended for the duration of the new contractual obligation if the new contractual obligation meets all the necessary conditions for activation and use, and the benefit is still in the commercial offer. The same rule applies if the user renews the contractual obligation (annex to the contract) on the day of expiration of the previous contractual obligation in which the benefit was active.
  • The provided mobile data traffic from the benefit is used before the mobile data traffic from the Telenor tariff package and is valid only in domestic data traffic.


Telenor and Mobi Banka will automatically deactivate the benefit in the following cases: 

  • The customer has changed the Telenor tariff package to a package that does not meet the terms & conditions of use;
  • The customer’s Telenor Contractual Obligation with which he/she exercised the right to the add-on has expired, and he/she failed to assume a new contractual obligation that meets the conditions for benefit while the benefit is still commercially available;
  • The customer has changed his/her number of transferred ownership of the number or the Telenor Agreement has been deactivated;
  • The customer has changed the type of current account with Mobi Banka to one that does not meet the terms & conditions of use;
  • The customer has deactivated/closed his/her account with Mobi Banka;
  • The customer's account with Mobi Banka has been blocked;
  • The customer has a debt to Mobi Banka that exceeds 1,000 dinars and has had a debt for more than 30 days;
  • The customer has withdrawn consent for the exchange and processing of data between Telenor and Mobi Banka. The customer can withdraw both consents at any time, via the Mobi Banka app;

Other information

  • In case of deactivation, the customer will receive an appropriate SMS citing the reason for deactivation.
  • Reactivation of deactivated benefit will only be possible in the following calendar month, if the add-on is still commercially available.
  • The benefit can only be used on one number in Telenor network, even if the customer has several numbers in his/her name (his/her JMBG). The general rule for the benefit is – one account with Mobi Banka, one number in Telenor network for the same JMBG.
  • Telenor and Mobi Banka reserve the right to temporarily, partially or completely suspend the availability of all or some elements of this benefit due to troubleshooting, maintenance and construction or overload of Telenor network or other anticipated and unforeseen circumstances, of which customers will be notified in a timely manner.
  • By activating the benefit, the customer confirms that he/she is familiar with and agrees to all the terms & conditions of use.